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COALESCE --- work in progress

Coalesce brought together two dancemakers, Virginia Munday and Waeli Wang, in a contemporary modern duet where currents of elementary particles act as a rise and fall to the work. We hold each other close, ebb and flow, cradle something precious only to be tossed into orbit, arc towards the earth, and release to the sky. Sacredness is shared in our sense of breath that mediates the overall movement vocabulary and is a work in progress, now, from afar.


In the inevitable return to our kinetic bonds, we find a rich environment in the unknown, a space in which we can find solace. Our movement galaxy defies and succumbs to gravity with our gaze towards the celestial bodies. The work becomes architectural as we sidle against each other finding long legs, familiar gestures that evoke sisterhood, and kneading our fleshy bodies. Cyclical phrases are reconfigured and understood in a new distant landscape.


Thrashing turns to fluidity. Wrap inwards and shed away. We have a deep connection to each other, we show up, and merge our practices to coalesce in our liminality.




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